On August 16th everything began to fall apart for the 17 year veterans of heavy metal as the band’s guitarist, Doc Coyle, kicked off the separation by stating his to plans walk away from God Forbid. Coyle expressed his feelings, quite extensively, in a written statement exposing that his dissatisfaction with the way the band operates and his age were major factors that drove him to his decision. His statement can be viewed in its entirety here.

Shortly after the release of Coyle’s statement his band mates Byron Davis (lead vocalist) and Corey Pierce (drummer) affirmed his motion as they too discussed the break up. Bryon Davis writes, “It’s Friday and my boy is home doing well and yes it’s true, GF is down…” Lastly, Corey Pierce held nothing back as he made it very clear, “No more suspense… God Forbid is over. Sorry.”

It is no question that the boys from New Jersey had an excellent run during their time as they have completed six studio albums, two E.P.’s, and two compilation albums, which by all measurements is truly a respectable accomplishment for any band.

Although there is undisputable truth that God Forbid is now a band of the past, I have high hopes that this will not be the last we hear of its member’s impact on the heavy metal scene.

R.I.P. God Forbid


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