It’s Sunday. What a wonderful time to listen to some blackened metal \m/

As I stated recently, Akeldama seems to have a few surprises up their sleeves. Other than the highly anticipated upcoming album “Everything Beautiful” finally dropping next month, there has been a side project in the works. And it’s KVLT AS FUCK.

Into Infernus is the product of Andrew Zink, PJ Mc Tiernan, and Eric Owen getting in touch with their black side… sort of. I don’t know if corpse paint is included but the music definitely serves it’s kvlt rep more or less despite the (wait for it…) good production.

They just released their debut “VII” both for sale and streaming in its entirety! Check out the album down below. If you enjoy what you hear, grab “VII” on Bandcamp for only $6.66! Mwahahaha

Links: Facebook // Bandcamp