So Behemoth fans, I have some good news and some bad news. The Polish blackened death metal masters have announced that their newest album, and first since frontman and mastermind Nergal’s recent struggles with Leukemia, “The Satanist” and it’s subsequent tour headlining tour has been delayed. Originally scheduled for this fall, the album and tour have been delayed to early 2014.

Here’s the bands official statement:


“The release of Polish extreme metal masters BEHEMOTH’s upcoming tenth studio album »The Satanist« that has previously been announced for this fall has now been postponed to early 2014 and will be accompanied by an extensive headlining tour – further information including the exact dates to follow soon!

Until then, the only chance to catch BEHEMOTH live in Europe after their forthcoming show at Czech Brutal Assault Festival on August 10 will be their exclusive show at German “Metal Hammer Paradise” from November 15 to November 16. For further information, visit”


Considering the fact that longtime drummer and absolute beast Inferno is recovering from surgery and unable to perform live, and considering that Behemoth cancelled their Mayhem slot because of this: choosing instead to only perform the few European festival dates with a replacement, I’d bet that Inferno’s absence is the cause for the delay. It’s unfortunate that we have to wait longer, but I totally am behind bands standing together as a united force. Behemoth seems to be gathering their strength and I assume Nergal knows what its like to be in Infernos position better than anyone.

Good news! At their last couple festivals Behemoth has been playing a new song, presumably from “The Satanist” titled ‘Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel.’ And it’s awesome. I love it. Aside from the wah pedal used on the solo, (I really hate wah effects. I’m not sorry) I have nothing negative to say. Nergal sounds fantastic, the riffs and writing are metal as can be, and the percussion is fantastic and I’m sure will sound even better when it’s Inferno smashing those drums. Also I need to get to a European festival, look at that performance, fire and lights galore!


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