After the smashing release of their single “Masque”, Lorelei are back again with some amazing news. They just signed a deal with the stacked Subliminal Groove Records (with Ovid’s Withering, Nemertines, Change Of Loyalty, Ascariasis and many other amazing bands).

This unit seems to be one of the most peculiar and promising progressive deathcore bands coming from the underground right now and they fit perfectly with the Subliminal Groove sound. There might be some amazing new music to come soon from this band. And as we wait for the main event, the band released a new single, which is actually a re-recorded version of one of their older tunes called “The Dunwich Horror”. Check out the new stuff and also give a listen to the other single “Masque” if you haven’t already. And if you have… listen again! Also, don’t forget to give a like to both this amazing band and label!


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