Hailing from Calcutta, India, Meridian is a 5-piece outfit. They have just released a single from their upcoming, yet untitled EP, “Altered Origin”. Meridian is Indraneil Banerjee on Vocals, Shamik Debnath and Prasun Roy on Guitars, Eric Raymond on Bass and Debdipto behind the kit. Formerly a 6-piece, Meridian eschewed the use of keyboards following a hiatus.

Primarily influenced by a vast number of bands, ranging from Dream Theater to Monuments, Meridian have zeroed in on a sound much popularized by the current crop of Progressive Metal bands such as the likes of Born of Osiris. Alternating vocals from low ended gutturals to high pitched shrieks, Indraneil does a “Jetpacks Was Yes” by interspersing his effort with soaring cleans. Takers for down-tuned riffage should feel right at home with the dissonant jarring riffs which build up to a solo.

Keeping in mind the number of bands out there who are doing the same thing as Meridian over and over, the latter scores some brownie points for some originality and effort which most generic band would have substituted with a gallery of breakdowns and studio effects to boot. The band is currently running a short campaign on their Facebook page where they promise to release an alternate pre- production version of the track in question.  Head over if you want to see what the deal is about.


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