So a little bit ago I clued you guys in on the new Emperor reunion and the announcement of a Wacken headlining appearance next year. I also discussed the possibilities of a new album, a headlining tour and some U.S. festival dates. Read about all that here.

Well today I’m back to give you more news, some of it good, a lot of it disappointing. First off, the band, through Ihsahn’s facebook, has announced this:

“EMPEROR will be celebrating the 20th anniversary of “In The Nightside Eclipse” at next year´s Wacken Open Air. Ihsahn and Samoth will be joined by Faust on drums, and they will perform the album in its entirety.”

That’s cool, I’m always into seeing bands perform full albums live. I think its the best live representation of an album, obviously, and as someone who really looks at albums as opposed to songs, this is the ideal for me. I’m really hoping to be able to see Between the Buried and Me and The Ocean perform their newest releases in full soon. Emperor will be playing more festivals that are yet to be announced.

So now for the bad news. Here’s the rest of the earlier quoted statement:

“There will be no new studio album or a world wide tour, only a few exclusive festival appearances next year, to mark the celebration of this landmark album.”

Okay so no new album, no world tour. Check and check. But read into this a little more and I have more bad news for you. Faust will be playing drums for these appearances. Faust is a convicted murderer. Really don’t think he’ll be getting a US visa anytime soon. So unless they’re going to ditch him, it looks like US festivals, like the assumed Maryland Deathfest, are out of the question as well. Bummer.


Links: Ihsahn Facebook // Emperor Website // Wacken Website