More new music today, no surprise. Here’s three to check out.

New Wave of American Heavy Metal (yes that is as annoying to type out as it is to read) band Devildriver returns with their newest album today. The album is titled “Winter Kills” and is the band’s sixth release, the first album since leaving Roadrunner Records. So far, so meh. I haven’t heard all of it, but aside from the clear Gojira influences, it sounds like typical Devildriver, swingy, fun, heavy, but passable.

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Nekrogoblikon are back with a new release today, titled “Power.” These guys are ready to dish out another slice of goblin themed metal with this release. While the gimmick of goblin metal seems to be something that could prove to be incredibly enjoyable (think pirate metal and Alestorm), Nekrgoblicon still needs to prove their competency as songwriters and musicians before they can rise above the limitations of the gimmick.

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As the most successful act in, and the torch-bearer for, the modern mainstream metal scene, every single one of Avenged Sevenfold’s releases are pretty important. As a gateway band for young metalheads, based solely on their immense popularity, Avenged Sevenfold has a lot of clout. So their new album’s , “Hail to the King” out today, throwback to and worship of 90s metal may lead some fans in that direction. The tunes are pretty cool so far, definitely worth checking out.

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