Today is one of the best Tuesdays in metal, seriously. I have three albums for you, like usual, all essential listening, so get on it. And all three have full album streams available, what more could you ask for?

First up is Revocation. Oh my god, last year’s “Teratogenesis” EP was some of the best thrash I have heard in a very long time. Just so good. So damn good. This year the question that was left was simple: could Revocation take the success of the “Teratogenesis” EP and match it with their next full length. And the best answer I can give is: yeah, pretty much. This album is a little different, but very awesome. I do feel like I enjoy “Teratogenesis” more, but Revocation’s newest and self-titled album is essential listening and very good in its own right. Stream it here.

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I love death metal. So far this year has been a little lacking in the death metal department according to my ears, there’s been some cool releases that I’ve definitely enjoyed quite a bit, but I want more! And here comes Exhumed to change that, all for me, I assume. Exhumed’s newest release “Necrocracy” is absolutely fantastic and is definitely my favorite death metal release of the year so far. The band’s gore themed, death n roll style is better than ever. The riffs are simple and memorable, the solos rip, and the album and I are getting along great. Stream it here.

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Last up is Last Chance to Reason. Not surprisingly, their new album is titled “Level 3” and it’s great, proggy and the right evolution of their sound. The songs wind, build up and climax like a video game themed band should. I’m finding both their heavier and softer parts more interesting though with this release. Don’t miss this one as right now, with both guitarists leaving the band and the vocalist joining The Contortionist, the fate of Last Chance to Reason looks kinda iffy. Stream it on Bandcamp!

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