The Oblivion train just keeps on rolling. Just days after announcing their signing with Unique Leader Records, read about that here, Oblivion has unleashed their fourth, count em four, music video for a track off of debut album “Called to Rise”! Now that’s a lot of visual stimulation. The promotion for Oblivion’s debut album just never ends and the group’s dedication to death metal is astounding. Clearly the only thing this studio project lacks is the live show, and maybe we’ll see local shows sometime.

The video is definitely the most ambitious video the band has put out yet. The effects and concept are definitely cool and I really enjoy the shots of the band. The whole tentacle thing is a little worn out on me now but ya know what, whatever, it’s their video. The hologram parts, almost like a videogame or movie HUD is the coolest part to me. But the video is very cool overall. Definitely something to check out for some stimulation while you listen to this awesome song.


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