Although the much anticipated third album release from Oceano is not set to hit stores until October 1st, nothing stopped the residents from the world of all things brutality from penetrating the sound waves and infiltrating minds nearly two months early with another leaked track. After teasing fans with this four minute ballad of the soon-to-be released 12 track full-length album, the band has truly sparked a  motion of unfulfilled needs across the death metal community causing fans everywhere to cringe in desperation desiring to hear more.

This released album title track called “Incisions” is a fierce pounding song that swiftly escorts the listener across a hellish roller coaster ride of horrifically creepy riffs and exploding bass drops that will slow pulses and catapult listeners into a constant state of intense excitement. It is the type of song that effortlessly causes the fearless soul to be paralyzed in terror as the sounds of evil lurk around their ears invoking a repeated act of anxious glares over the shoulder while trembling in fright from the inescapable darkness surrounding them. Regardless of the fact that Oceano’s brave new singing element could perhaps be a target for strong criticism, the catchy vocals in the chorus still hold the song firmly into a position of capital carnage.

Be sure to check out Oceano’s newly released track, “Incisions,” (linked below) and visit here to scope out their previously released CD “Contagion” as well as their debut album “Depths” to fill your soul with a much needed dose of destructive deliverance.


01 – “Eternal Wasteland“

02 – “Slow Murder“

03 – “Slave Of Corporotocracy“

04 – “Internal War“

05 – “Self Exploited Whore“

06 – “New Age Apophis“

07 – “Embrace Nothingness“

08 – “Incisions“

09 – “Blasphemous Mask“

10 – “Severed Appendages“

11 – “Disseverance“

12 – “The Reclaimation“



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