Post-metal/sludge metal/whatever you want to call them band Pelican are returning after 4 years with their new album this year, more specifically, this October 15th. This will be the band’s second full length album released on Southern Lord records and the first release that features guitarist Dallas Thomas as an official member of the band. Also, that album artwork is amazing, wow.

Pelican has released two singles at this point for “Forever Becoming” and it sounds promising. The first single titled “Immutable Dusk” is the longer of the two and grooves along in a more plodding fashion, it’s a perfect Pelican song. “Immutable Dusk” was released over a month ago, which seems to have been a bit early for a record that is due out in October, but I guess they wanted to get the hype train moving early. The song moves along with an interplay between a couple of groovy riffs before entering a bass fueled bridge section that is dominated by clean guitars and delay pedals. Here the band is clearly indulging their post-rock side, and this sections melodies take on a pop music like sensibility, which here actually works. This section builds very slowly to distorted guitars and breaks into a thrash metal riff and the song exits in a very metal way.

The second single, an alternate version of a track appearing on the album titled “Deny the Absolute”,  follows the recent trend of Pelican music and is a little more up-tempo, but the driving groove of the drums and the interplay of a couple solid riffs, combined with another minimalistic, though this time distorted and palm muted, bridge leads to a solid Pelican track. The production so far seems to be raw enough, yet definitely clear enough to satisfy everyone. Check out these tracks on Pelican’s soundcloud, linked below, and keep checking for updates on this one and get ready for the release of “Forever Becoming” in about two months on October 15th.


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