Hide yo’ kids and hide yo’ wives because starting this month the heavy metal brutality of The Acacia Strain is in full effect on the “No Way Out Tour” accompanied by the hard hitting sounds of Within The Ruins, Xibalba, Fit For An Autopsy, and American Me. Touching down on each coast from California to New York, the tuff sounds of these 5 bands will be coming to an area near you. If you are into death and destruction with a side of brutal mosh pits than you MUST attend. But be weary: NO PUSSIES ALLOWED!

If you think you have what it takes then check out the flyer or visit any of the listed bands websites and purchase your tickets here. After the deed is done there is nothing else more important than preparing yourself for a night of pure craziness and utter intenseness!

-Mayhem Marc

Links: The Acacia Strain Facebook // Official Website // Merch

Within The Ruins Facebook // Twitter // iTunes // Official Store

Xibalba Facebook // Twitter // iTunes

Fit For An Autopsy Facebook // Twitter // iTunes

American Me Facebook // Merch // iTunes