This Or The Apocalypse hold a special place in our cold metal hearts. They’re a local band that we’ve witnessed from the beginning and as they moved on to do bigger things. Albums like “Haunt What’s Left” and “Monuments” are especially key for myself, but their newest record “Dead Years” kicked ass too (even with the loss of the incredible drummer Grant McFarland).

Now the band is moving on to do more of what they do best. In support of their upcoming album (presumably), they’ve dropped a brand new lyric video for the brand new track “Damaged Good” (no “s” required). As to be expected from TOTA, the new song hits hard. I will say, in some ways, this is a “fun” track from the band, as in it’s not up to par with their best but it’s still… well… fun. But as the song says, they aren’t hopeless. Actually, far from it. This Or The Apocalypse will be returning with a vengeance soon. Watch out!

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