It’s tough to have a segment about metal women without including the beastly Walls of Jericho. Albeit, maybe we should re-title this one “Women Who Are Currently Taking A Break From Moshing” as the band has been largely inactive since 2009. But it should be stated the metal lady Candace herself confirmed the band is working on new material as of late last year. Watch out!

Candace leads this band’s assault with an outspoken metal spirit and a range of vicious vocals including harsh yells and cleans. She sounds like one pissed off lady and her hardcore attitude resonates both on record and on the stage. Definitely a stand out performer.

The band themselves are a Metalcore unit hailing from Detroit, Michigan. With releases like “The American Dream”, “All Hail The Dead”, and “With Devil’s Amongst Us All”, they’ve cemented themselves in the minds and hearts of metalheads worldwide. Despite a shaky road with a past breakup and the current hiatus, this band has successfully knocked down many walls with their sound. Listen to the trumpets blare below!

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