After a long wait following the announcement, the Wrath Of Vesuvius debut album “Revelation” has finally been released through Mediaskare Records! If you’re looking for a sick progressive deathcore/death metal album with a lot of creativity and a load of good riffs and ideas, this will be right up your alley.

The album features the previously released songs “Revelation”, “Regarding Unity” and “Somber Silence”. Some of the new tracks like “At Wit’s End” and “The Light Once Sought After” (if you’re seeking heaviness) or “Currents” and “Grievance” (two of the most intense and surprisingly melodic passages used to end the album) may feature what you’re looking for.

“Regarding Unity” remains, in my opinion, the best track on the album though. In this track the band’s skill and creativity are displayed in the best way, revealing their true potential with an amazing hint of melody to boot. If they weaved together more tracks along those lines, this album would be oozing with greatness.

Unfortunately, Wrath of Vesuvius are not able to keep that high level for the duration of “Revelation”. That’s really the main flaw of an otherwise well executed album. But the record still features many elements that will make many of you appreciate the content. Credit is due is here.

This is definitely worth a bunch of listens from you all. There’s a lot to be interested in while having a “Revelation”. As stated before, this band shows some serious skill in their execution and there’s great potential for future growth. Listen to tracks provided and be sure to keep an eye out for Wrath of Vesuvius.


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