Abiogene is a band based out of San Diego, California. They released this killer self-titled album in early September. Abiogene is highly skilled in the art of technical groove with an esteemed heaviness.

“Abiogene” is a fresh 35 minutes. According to comments from band themselves, their guitar tuning is FAEADGBE, explaining the bottomless-pit characteristic of the guitars. Many of the groovacious riffs are amplified by tasty computer noises and even better…subliminal shredding. One of the most noteworthy aspects of “Abiogene” is the vocals, which carry great range. Major props to the lyricist. The lyrics have the tendency to be in poetic form. Reading the lyrics to “Pupillary Response” is quite entertaining.

“Abiogene’s” arrangement is 5 “songs” with lyrics/length, and 4 “interlude” type tracks that are shorter instrumentals, meeting a sum of 9 tracks. It’s a rather unique way of reaching 35 minutes, but the upside is that the album plays smoothly, united by the thematic electronics. Go stream this bouncy darkness on Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Youtube, or down below. For fans of Sikth, The Multiverse Concept, Clocks, The Northern, Ovid’s Withering.

– TD

Links: Facebook // Official Website // Bandcamp