Do you love Conducting From The Grave? Yes you do. Do you love the mind bending leads, fantastically catchy melodies and ferocious riffing? Yes you do. Do you want to listen to anything and everything the guitarist, John “Abernasty” Abernathy, responsible for all these awesome aspects of Conducting From The Grave? Yes you do. Clearly you are interested in what I have to offer.

The guitarist “Abernasty” has another band that is well worth checking out. This band is called Soma Ras and they have a three song EP out there for you to consume. These guys deliver absolutely destructive blackened death metal. It is brutal as all hell and completely devastating and punishing. These guys are opening for Conducting From The Grave at the latter bands CD release show. So if you are hoping to go to that, make sure you get there for the opener, it’s just more Abernasty after all.

Now for something completely different. Abernasty is the name given to John Abernathy’s rap career. And finally, after 2 years of beat making and rapping, his debut, “Life on Stage,” mixtape is available for listening. And if you like rap, and even if you don’t like me, this is an enjoyable mixtape for two reasons. First, Abernasty still is Abernasty, that hasn’t changed. His musical personality shines through in his style, which feels similar to his extravagant and playful lead guitar style. But the description for “Life on Stage” is the real reason why this matters to you a metal fan: “The general theme of this mixtape is anti music industry and deals with experiences both good and bad that I’ve had from almost 10 years of touring the nation with my metal band Conducting From the Grave, among other topics. Other independent artists will particularly relate to this disc.” There ya go, listen to it all.


Links: Facebook // Mixtape // Soma Ras Demo