Here are two different reactions to Destrage’s recent signing.

I’m so proud…could really start to cry. Mah boys in Destrage, coming from Milan, the same town where I live, got signed by nothing less than the giant label Metal Blade Records! Their unique, weird and ironic mathcore is now going to be known to the rest of the world, after the local success of their previous works released through Croner Records: “Urban Being” and “The King Is Fat ‘n Old”. Both of which brought them to play festivals around Europe including the 8th edition of Euroblast Festival. They also announced the title of their third album which is going to be called “Are You Kidding Me? No.” and will be released on March 2014. Check out the new album teaser below and their older tunes, if you haven’t heard em before, and then go get fuckin stoked, dudes!


Italian Progressive Metal 5-piece Destrage have joined the MetalBlade Records roster! The band is scheduled to release their first record, “Are You Kidding Me? No”, via the distribution and recording giant in March 2014. They have also just released a teaser for the upcoming album.

“Are You Kidding Me? No” is the 3rd full-length from the Italian mad scientists who have previously released their debut, 2007’s “Urban Being” and 2010’s “The King is Fat ‘N’ Old” via Howling Bull (Japan) and Coroner Records (rest of the World). “The King is Fat ‘N’ Old” also features Freak Kitchen’s Matthias IA Eklundh in a guest spot on the track “Jade’s Place”. Combining the quirkiest of time signatures with equally maddening technicality and melody, Destrage are criminally underrated given the kind of music they are known to write.


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