Sacramento Progressive Groove. Its what’s for dinner. And now breakfast and lunch, especially because Entities has decided to re-master “Luminosity” EP! The groundbreaking “Luminosity” was originally released early 2012 and will reappear as fresh as ever on September 10th 2013.

The decision Entities made to do a re-release feels something like a testament to their roots, or confidence that these songs can “hold the test of time” if you will. Yeah, it hasn’t been but two years, but it seems that between “Luminosity” v1.0 and now, there has been truckloads of albums/EPs that fail at their attempt to groove at the same level that Entities can groove.

Initially you may wonder why Entities is re-mastering “Luminosity” a predecessor to the all mighty “Aether.” Impulse thoughts may be, “Aether” is newer and brighter so it has to be better. A re-master is a waste of time.” Well, I sure hope that isn’t the case. If you dig a little deeper and compare “Luminosity” to “Aether” they appear less as separate pieces and more like a singular evolving…. entity.

A perfect example would be Pikachu and Raichu. Certainly Raichu has more HP and a bigger lighting bolt, but it’s Pikachu that made Raichu that strong. Pikachu is Raichu. And no matter how awesome Raichu is, nothing can break the bond that is shared between Pikachu and Ash. That shit is eternal.

For further clarification, Entities is Ash, Pikachu is “Luminosity,” Raichu is “Aether” and the bigger lighting bolt and more HP is production quality. Ash has taken some time away from Pikachu and is reuniting in a major way.

Pokemon aside, “Luminosity” re-mastered is said to feature totally new drums, new guitar tone and a new bass tone. I would tell you about how disgusting the bass sounds but you can just hear for yourself. The whole re-mastered EP will be release September 10th on itunes and bandcamp.

– TD

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