Euroblast 2013 is a month away (October 11-13) but the voting ends this week! 20 deserving bands have a chance to play at Euroblast, but only 1 of these 20 bands can win that opportunity. Give these bands a listen and vote for your favorite band right here at MetalSucks.

Listed below are all bands competing to be the winner of the Euroblast 2013 Band Contest! Listen to their featured track on MetalSucks or slam these names into a search bar and research these bands. Just choose a favorite and vote for it.

The winner will have a chance to play alongside Textures, Monuments, Aliases, Cyclamen, Skyharbor and so many more. Even some band that calls themselves Meshuggah…check out the full lineup here.


Delusions Of Grandeur

The Ulex

Exist Immortal

Impossible Voyage


Ophelia’s Great Day

Torrential Downpour



Sensory Amusia

Nero di Marte

A light Within



Dali Thundering Concept

White Arms of Athena

Trinity Avenue

21 Eyes Of Ruby

Still Falling



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