We’re proud to have the heavy hitters in Fit For An Autopsy as our Artist of the Week! This New Jersey death metal / deathcore band brutally bombarded the metal scene with the release of their
sophomore album, “Hellbound,” earlier this month. It was dropped through eOne and Good Fight Entertainment.

To celebrate this occasion, we have a contest running in association with the band. We’re giving away five copies of the CD for your listening pleasure. Check how to enter down below.

We also conducted an in-depth interview with guitarist Patrick Sheridan in regards to their new album. Read up below.

If you haven’t already picked up Fit For An Autopsy’s newest album, “Hellbound,” I highly recommend that you do it soon!


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Recently, I got to have a conversation with Fit For An Autopsy’s guitarist Patrick Sheridan to discuss several topics including the release of their new album, “Hellbound,” and here is what he had to say…
PS = Patrick Sheridan

MM = Marcus Meyer

MM – How did you guys come up with the name Fit For An Autopsy?

PS – Man to be completely honest Fit For An Autopsy was started by me and another dude that actually previously started a project called Fit For An Autopsy. So it’s kinda a pre-existing name, you know what I mean, that we just kinda ended up adopting from him. We did a little thing together nothing ever came of it and then he left to do other things and kinda left me with the name. So I kind of adopted it from another dude so to speak.

MM – You guys recently switched labels to Good Fight Music and eOne Entertainment… What were the deciding factors that led to this change?

PS – Well I mean working with Good Fight and eOne, it’s a bigger label it’s a step in the right direction as far as getting bigger destro (distribution) and doing bigger things. Black market was great for us. We had a lot of freedom on Black Market to do what we wanted and Guy was always good to us, but something a little bigger, a little bit better distribution, bigger opportunities. So it was just a positive business move and a positive move because Carl who runs Good Fight has been a friend of ours for years and understands what we want to do. So it was more like moving up without having to worry about losing any integrity and losing any control of what we’re doing. So it’s just a really smart move for us.

MM – Tomorrow, Fit For An Autopsy’s newest album, “Hellbound,” hits the market… What is the band’s overall feeling towards this release?

PS – We’re really happy about it. Everything about the record is pretty much where we want it to be. The overall tone, the artwork, all the ideas behind the record, everything down to the way the songs are written and the lyrics it’s just been a really big move for us. Musically, vocally, lyrically everything is stepped up so we’re excited to get it out and see what people think.

MM – peaking of the artwork, what was the inspiration behind the album’s artwork?

PS – Really it was just kind of a culmination of all the things. It’s the idea of good versus evil in man. If you look at the artwork there’s the whole female mother figure with tons beautiful things around her like flowers and nice stuff and then within those flowers there are a bunch of evil figures skulls and just kind of darker images within. So it’s the idea of what we do with our album we want it to represent the actual lyrical content and mood of the album through the artwork. So that’s it right there in a nutshell. Mother Earth has beautiful thing about it but within that beauty there is so much evil that overruns everything within man. Not a mythical creature not some kind of devil or God thing but more the good and bad in people. So that’s kinda the mood of the album and that’s where we tried to keep the artwork.

MM – On “Hellbound,” you guys had the opportunity to work with other names within the industry to do guest vocals on your album… can you talk about that a little bit?

PS – Sure I can talk about that. Being in the industry as long as all of us have and all of us come from different bands and we have Will Putney in the band who happens to be a pretty awesome producer/engineer and very well sought after, we’ve made a lot of friends in the industry. So it was just an opportunity for us to get some of our friends to come in and work on the album with us and just add a little something different to it. There is always a cool element to having somebody who is an outsider come in and lay down vocals differently than Nate, or Will, or I or anybody else would think to layer the track. So it’s just kind of a cool little add on for us to have our friends come in and do something cool.

MM – “Hellbound” has a resounding message that the destruction of man is coming and that it is due to humanity’s lack of compassion, unfulfilling greed, and several other things. Do you believe as a whole that we can still turn away from this dire circumstance or have we already dug our own grave?

PS – Really Hellbound, the record, is more like a wakeup call to people just to see what is going on with man. We’ve said this before and we’ll say it again, it’s not like ‘Hey we need to stop this, hey we need to make this change.’ It’s just this is where we are, this is where we’re at, and this is what’s going on. so is that possible? I mean, that’s the million dollar question. You know what I mean? Is it possible to change how a person feels about another person, or to give another person hope, or to change the view of anyone? Like showing them the truth? I mean I personally don’t think so but that’s not really a question that I think I can answer. This world is pretty trashed and it is just on its way to total destruction from every angle because people are so filled with greed and hate, it’s just kinda what it is.

MM – Which song, off the new album, is your favorite to perform and why?

PS – Right now we’re playing two tracks off the new album. We’re playing “Still We Destroy” which is awesome for me because there’s just like a really cool little shreddy guitar solo in it and we’re playing “Do You See Him” which is just overall like super heavy and really really like a dramatic song. There’s a huge build up in the middle so I kinda like both of them about equal. I’m a fan of the whole record I’m really into it so I guess playing any of the songs off the record would be awesome.

MM – Can we expect a music video from “Hellbound” in the near future?

PS – There’s a good chance that we might be making one in the very near future.

MM – You guys are nearly done with the “No Way Out Tour” with only a couple dates left to play. Can you tell the fans a behind-the-scenes story about something funny that happened on the road?

PS – This tour had been pretty incredible. All the bands on the tour have been super fun to tour with. There’s just standard tour debauchery a couple of drunken nights here and there from a few of the guys and some fun antics but nothing out of the ordinary. It’s just been a pretty straight forward, grown up, professional tour. Nothing really that crazy to share.

MM – After the “No Way Out Tour,” you guys are heading out on “The Hate Across America Tour” to finish up the year… What can we expect from Fit For An Autopsy in 2014?

PS – In 2014 we have a lot going on. Were gunna take off a little bit in the beginning of the year and then mid to late winter we are going to start touring again. We’re going to be hitting the road pretty hard we’re gunna try to get out of the country a little bit and keep pounding out this record and hopefully getting more people to play and doing bigger tours. Ya know just trying to grind it out.

MM – If you were designing your own tour that Fit For An Autopsy was headlining what bands would you want to open for you?

PS – To be completely honest headlining a tour is a super tuff grind, but I guess, I don’t know, I guess it would be cool just to have any of our friend’s bands…tuff question. We’re not really in the headlining position just quite yet. It’s one of those things where I hope that we can just take a bunch of our friends bands out have a great time and party and play for a bunch of cool people.

MM – At what age did you starting listening to extreme music and what band turned you onto this scene?

PS – Man that’s crazy, I think maybe around like 9 or 10 years old. My older brother had always been listening to like metal and hardcore and a bunch of different stuff. He kinda turned me on to like Venom and Slayer and all the early thrash metal bands. I was 10 years old in 1986, I’m 37, so it was all the early thrash metal bands and stuff like that. kinda got into that and Then I heard Obituary and Morbid Angel and all that stuff in the early 90’s and that really changed everything for me. So it’s a little combination of all the earlier thrash metal and like deathmetal stuff.

MM – What is your best advice for a band that is just starting out in the extreme music scene and has the goal of making it work?

PS – For me man just stick to your guns. Whatever it is that you feel that what you wanna do and for whatever reason it is that you want to do it stick to it. Have integrity. Don’t change your sound because of what you see going on around you just make good music stick with it and mean what you say. That’s like the most important thing. When you put on an act everyone can see it from a million miles away. Just make it something that you own and it’ll always come out better.

MM – Lately what album do you find yourself listening to the most?

PS – Honestly, like the two last Meshuggah releases I listen to on a constant basis. The last Deftones release and the one before that. I’m a big huge fan of their stuff. Man I don’t know. That new Thy Art Is Murder release. I listen to Acacia Strain normally pretty much as much as possible. I have like a pretty healthy diet of like old hardcore and stuff like that so it’s kinda a mixture.

MM – Lastly, do you have anything else that you would like to throw out to your fans? Maybe a message to give them?

PS – Ya, support your local and touring metal scene, come out to shows, hang out, have a good time, support hardcore bands, support any bands that are touring coming through, and just remember that they don’t come out, they don’t play records, they don’t hang out and meet up, if you don’t go to shows, We can’t come around and play and do what we do. The support from fans and friends is the most important thing that you could ever get. So just remember that hearing it on the internet is cool watching it on a video is cool, but coming out to shows is what makes it possible for us to record and tour and do all those things. So come on out, check us out, check out all the other bands coming thorough. Hardcore, metal, punk rock whatever it is that you love support it and that’s gunna keep everything alive.

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