The corruption and ill nature of mankind has plagued the Earth for too long and the desire to change is apparently non-existent. Too many unbecoming characteristics have shaped the aspects of what is soon to be humanity’s dire legacy with most of us blindfolded in ignorance. But no longer do these negative actions have anywhere to hide because Fit For An Autopsy is calling them out to the forefront to reveal them for what they truly are…a disgrace. This is the inspiration behind Fit For An Autopsy’s latest album, “Hellbound,” which is available now from the production talent of Good Fight Music and eOne Entertainment.

As the CD commences with the opening track, “The Great Gift Of The World,” the listener becomes entranced into a feeling that they are floating to a not-so-distant time in our future where the sins of man have come to a place of final judgment. Upon arrival all hell breaks loose as you are catapulted into a hellish nightmare of blast beats and pounding guitars segments that usher in the chaos that remains through the entirety of the album.

Vocally this album emits pure mastery in the art of everything metal. Lyrically it is impeccable and very creatively written. The words are woven together in a manner that even without the music it would still hold its weight in dark-themed poetry. To top it all off, Nate Johnson’s (vocals) expansive range along with the support of several guest appearing vocals create an inescapable aura that keeps the audience focused and far from a state of boredom. As the front man for Fit For An Autopsy, Johnson has successfully displayed his ability in a way that compliments this CD and his band extremely well by the power of his screams, yells growls, and squeals.

Musically this album hits the mark dead on as well. Fit For An Autopsy manages to consistently maintain a dark vibe with a deathcore sound without staining the album with repetitive sounds that you hear from song to song, which is unfortunately common in this genre. In “Hellbound,” the drums set the penetrating pulse and project a skillful rhythm that one second might be blowing your mind with pristinely timed blast beats then swiftly transition to a soothingly fierce tempo that finishes with a swift and perfectly executed drum fill that more than enhances the songs downbeats, but also forces you to bang your head with the beat in complete metal nirvana. The guitars are also a force to be reckoned with as they are the leading drivers behind the twisted melody that without hesitation draw you in to the music. With Power driven breakdowns, epic solos, catchy riffs, and swift melodic sweeps, this band’s guitar players dynamically express their talent on every track.

Overall F.F.A.A.’s sophomore album, which can properly be labeled as the soundtrack to humanity’s destruction, is well crafted and should be added to your list of must buy CD’s of 2013. This hellish roller coaster ride is an epic journey that you will want to take over and over again until you think you just cannot handle it anymore, but you still decide to take it a few more times anyway because it is just that good. For those lost souls that say metal music is a musical display that lacks talent, they need to be slapped in the face with this album because talent is written all over this release.

Don’t forget to pick up your copy of Fit For An Autopsy’s new album, “Hellbound,” today!


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