The man Ben Sharp has officially returned! Businessman by day, polyrhythmical genius by night. Under the guise of Cloudkicker he’s created all kinds of music ranging from melodic Meshuggah-esque tunes to full on acoustic work and even some drone recently. There’s no doubt his sound has involved significantly from the beginning but all of the above is musically solid.

His latest release “Subsume” is absolutely no exception. It provides a solid mix of forward thinking Progressive Rock / Metal with serious ambient elements to boot. With four tracks clocking in at just over 40 minutes, it makes for a extraordinary, full-bodied listen. Definitely worth the experience.

And in the usual Cloudkicking fashion, the release was put out without much warning or hype. And also in his typical style, this incredible music has been released for FREE! Head over to the official Cloudkicker Bandcamp and “name your price”!