Now THIS is a steal. Intervals are an incredible band through and through. Based in Toronto, they’ve been making quite a buzz around the metal underground. First off with their 2011 EP “The Space Between” then with their 2012 follow up “In Time”.

I must say the band has one helluva line-up. This instrumental unit is led by the guitars of Aaron Marshall and Lukas Guyader. Anup Sastry (drummer for Jeff Loomis and Skyharbor) resides behind the kit while Mike Semesky (Raunchy, ex-The HAARP Machine) handles the rumble from down under.

If you must know how incredible their latest EP was, read the review here. But it’s highly recommended you just listen below, head over to Bandcamp, and download all their work for the price of your choosing. Show Intervals some love! They deserve it.

Links: Facebook // Twitter // Official Store // Bandcamp