Indian mythology themed 6-piece Blackened-Death Metal outfit Kartikeya release their first music video, for the track “Tunnels of Naraka”, which is off their upcoming album “Samudra”. The Indian culture, classical music oriented band launches the clip in the heels of a line-up change which saw them recruit Chela Rhea Harper, of Coal Chamber fame, as the 2nd guitarist/backing vocalist. “Tunnels of Naraka” is the 3rd track off the album to reach our ears after the band released the tracks “Horrors of Home” [featuring Keith Merrow and Aleksandra Radosavljevic (Above the Earth, ex-Destiny Potato) ] and “Durga Puja” as singles.

“Tunnels of Naraka” also happens to feature acclaimed guitarist David Maxim Mixic of Destiny Potato, putting the icing on the cake in the form of a ravaging solo. Another impressive feature of the Kartikeya sound would be the coolly intimidating Indian Folk sounds they incorporate, primarily portrayed on this track using percussions. The video clip also features the debut of Kathakali artist Jishnu R. Nath who forms a crucial part of the “Tunnels of Naraka” theme, with his intricate steps and diabolical eye movements.

Kartikeya, hailing from Moscow, Russia, for those who are not familiar with them, are set to launch their 3rd full length “Samudra”. They have a 2011 release title, “Mahayuga”, and a 2007 debut, “The Battle Begins”, in their kitty. They are also part of the mouth-watering line-up for this year’s Euroblast.

Right when Heavy Metal is enjoying some of its finest years in the form of groundbreaking showmanship, compositional brilliance and overall musicianship, Kartikeya takes it a notch higher with their eclectic mix of a thick slab of metal, garnished with ethno-orchestral sounds, where the end result deserves much more than a few listens to comprehend the vast array of sounds which also encompass technical and melodic aspects somewhere in between. While we at TheCirclePit are always on the lookout for our daily dose of heavy music, Kartikeya serves as a refreshing change and at this point they promise a great lot when “Samudra” hits stores. “Tunnels of Naraka” can be purchased from the band’s Bandcamp page.


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