Horns up to Carcass \m/ Their album “Surgical Steel” just came out today but we literally just gave them a front page review. Click here to read.

That being the case, here are three more albums you should listen to.

Remember that one band you used to dream of playing in as a kid, and then life got shit complicated and you looked the other way till that “something” that comes your way and jolts you into an overwhelming sense of déjà vu? Stray From The Path and their new full length “Anonymous” are that “something”. RATM fans, roll call please. Read the rest of the review here.

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This London based Progressive Metal band has been making a stir this year, twisting minds and making fans within a mere listen. Signed to InsideOutMusic, they’ve released a number of impressive singles to support the main event – which has been released upon the world today! Let your ears climb “The Mountain”.

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Where the vikings at!? Týr has retyrned (I’m sorry…). Already released in Europe, “Valkyrja” has just reached shores stateside. This band always provides a great listen with their brand of metal. This album is no exception. Give it a listen!

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