With the release of their fifth studio album within sight, The Devil Wears Prada leaks another new single that tears back the curtain of surprise just a tab bit further by offering a new peak into the chromatic chaos of “8:18.”

This track opens up with a eerie wave of feedback followed with a shifting uproar in dynamic that leads up to very catchy guitar riff with some emotionally packed vocals jam packed with high intensity.

From heavy pounding verses to a softer sung chorus this song has a dense range that does not appear flat at any point. As The Devil Wears Prada’s third track release from “8:18,” I have to say that I enjoy this one the best.

Visit their store to pick up your pre-order bundle for “8:18” which will be released on September 17th.

As a bonus The Devil Wears Prada will reward thirteen random fans who pre-order “8:18” with a one of a kind handwritten lyric sheet of one of the album’s thirteen tracks.


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