I recently took advantage of a sale Basick Records was having. Dubbed as "The Summer of Discovery", it gave you the opportunity to receive one of twenty-six CDs for a low price. So naturally, I bought three. My fingers were crossed that I would a) get something awesome like Chimp Spanner, The Arusha Accord, Aliases, or No Consequence and b) not get something I already own like Skyharbor, Uneven Structure, or the latest from Chimp Spanner. Neither of these things happened.

I instead opened up the package to discover three bands I've never heard before. Soon after I discovered none of these bands are active anymore. This works out perfectly for the purpose of today – being Throwback Thursday. Let's take a look at Evita, Between The Screams and My Minds Weapon.

Evita was an abstract and colorful Melodic Metalcore band bursting at the seams with skill and the big "p" word… potential. Hailing from the UK, they aren't technically done for, but they haven't been active for some time. I'm currently listening to their first and last album entitled "Minutes And Miles". It was released in 2009 via Basick Records (obviously) and packs quite a punch in the musical department. Elements of this band were certainly unique and ahead of their time. I could only imagine the kind of madness they would put out in the modern musical setting. Alas our ears will have to settle for "Minutes And Miles", the 2007 EP "Like An Ocean We Rise Again", and the only single released since in early 2011.

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Coming from Essex, Between The Screams provided a soundtrack to "Our Last Days On Earth". This album was also released in 2009 as the debut full-length follow up to an EP. This may sound odd, but ever since my first listen this band has struck me as a rawer, Metalcore infused version of Deftones. I'm not saying they're on the same level of Deftones, but the influence is certainly present through the musical delivery accompanied by a driving atmospheric and angular approach. That aside, the band certainly added their own flavor to the mix. I'd say this album is worth a good listen.

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Last but certainly not least is the oldest album on the list. I said I was previously ignorant of these bands but this one gives me a sense of déjà vu. Maybe it's the name or their sound but I honestly can't say. Regardless, My Minds Weapon launched into "The Carrion Sky" back in 2008 with their first and last full-length metal escapade. Maybe this is a trend here, but there was certainly a strong Metalcore influence with this UK band too. But they also brought some thrash, shred, and forward thinking to the table. All in all this album is pretty damn incredible and worth your time / cognitive analyzation.

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