Progressive Thrash/Experimental Metallers from New Delhi, Undying Inc have released a new single off their upcoming EP, “I R O N C L A D”. The four piece outfit recently re-united with its long-time vocalist Shashank Bhatnagar, who had left the band last year due to undisclosed reasons. In the wake of this unholy reunion, the band has launched a nation-wide campaign in support of the upcoming EP, starting with the RSJ Live Nights at Blue Frog, Delhi, with Mumbai-based Zygnema, where they unveiled another single in addition to “I R O N C L A D”.

Undying Inc. already have two full lengths in their kitty including the critically acclaimed “Aggressive World Dynasty”. While the previous album saw them enter Grey and Saurian Studios to handover mixing and production duties, this time around the band has opted to team up with none other than Keshav Dhar of Skyharbor. This interesting development has fans split on what would be the outcome, come November, when the band drop the EP. While the new single shows some marked difference in the production quality, lacking some of the raw aggression that was portrayed on “Aggressive World Dynasty”, the band has retained its unforgiving, brutal riffing and complex song structuring habits.

Flag-bearers for Indian Metal in two occasions including a stint at the prestigious Inferno Metal Festival last year, it remains to be seen what becomes of Undying Inc. and their liaison with India’s biggest Progressive Metal exports’ axe-wielder. Till then you can stream the “I R O N C L A D” track on their Soundcloud page.


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