I’m not sure why Mediaskare always insists on releasing pre-production tracks before the real deal, but this is somewhat different. Supposedly a pre-pro demo, the new Volumes song could be mistaken for an official album track. Not too surprising though considering Diego Farias (guitarist of Volumes) is known to be a beastly producer.

That aside, the new track is actually pretty awesome. Picking up where they left off, Volumes delivers an emotionally charged, melodic, and heavy hitting return with their latest song “Vahle”. The track was actually named and written as a tribute to a deceased friend of the band, James Vahle. It’s the kind of song that anyone who’s lost a good friend can relate to. Beyond that, it’s considerably well written, bouncy, and very damn moshable.

Take a listen for youself down below. And if you enjoy, be on the look out for more from Volumes. Rumor and evidence has it their new album is coming soon-ish. Stay tuned!

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