Carnifex are playing a brand new song on Impericon’s “Never Say Die Tour” over in Europe. Ironically the song is called “Die Without Hope” which goes against the rules of the tour. The band has been getting a great reception with this song – a good omen of the metal to come. You can check out two videos (from Germany and London) of the band performing “Die Without Hope” down below.

While forming in Southern California back in 2005 and then going on a hiatus in 2012, these boys are back together and melting faces. After working on new tracks for over a year, the brutality and destruction of Carnifex has in fact
arose from the dead as they’ve finished recording their new album which is set to release sometime in winter 2014. This was done alongside none other than Mark Lewis at AudioHammer Studios.

Scott Lewis, the front man from Carnifex, teases the fans thirst for information by exposing, “This album will be the album everything our past 4 full lengths have been and so much more. I cant even begin to tell you how much this album kills. Wish you could hear it now but your patience will be worth it!”

While sparse details have been released about the new record, this will be the first full-length album from Carnifex under the banner of their new label Nuclear Blast Records. It is sure to catch the attention of heavy music lovers everywhere. Stay tuned for more!

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