Well… here’s one I didn’t see coming. The Death Metal legends in Exhumed will be teaming up with the quickly upcoming crossover project Iron Reagan (Municipal Waste, ex-Darkest Hour) for a split release. It will be launched as a 12″ through Tankcrimes on January 7th, 2014. Seems appropriate as the bands will also be touring together very soon.

Here’s the damage…


01 – Exhumed – “Gravewalker”

02 – Exhumed – “Dead To The World”

03 – Exhumed – “Seeing Red” (Minor Threat cover)

04 – Exhumed – “Ready To Fight” (Negative Approach cover)

Side B:

01 – Iron Reagan – “Life Beater”

02 – Iron Reagan – “Gave Up On Giving A Fuck”

03 – Iron Reagan – “Mini Lights”

04 – Iron Reagan – “Holy Water Makes Me Wet”


While you’re waiting for the madness to come, listen to recent tracks from both bands down below \m/

Links: Exhumed Facebook // Twitter // iTunes // Merch

Iron Reagan Facebook // Bandcamp // iTunes