It’s been about four years since the release of the damn near flawless Exivious self-titled debut. What was originally a Cynic / Textures side project has experienced a few line up changes in that time but has still emerged strong. Now they’ve emerged from the studio after creating their sophomore full-length “Liminal”! And from the songs / clips that have been made available thus far, it is sounding PHENOMENAL!

After running a successful crowd funding campaign which allowed fans to make custom tweaks to the album artwork (representing a constant state of change, thus “Liminal”), they’re currently gearing up for the actual release.

Speaking of which, the band recently sent us (and all their supporters) a detailed press release. Read up for additional info below (including the release dates) and ogle the artwork / jam the single. Your ears can thank me later.

P.S. Our friends at got-djent exclusively released another track. Get on that!


Hey guys!

OK, this is not really a studio report because the album has been done for quite some time now. But let’s just keep the tradition of using the term ‘studio report’ for any kind of updates on Liminal.


In all our excitement from announcing us being signed to Season of Mist and us working with booking agency Factory Music, we actually forgot to update you guys through email. We know, not everyone is following us on Facebook so some of you might have missed these announcements. If you want to read more about these announcements, please visit our new website at

Release date

So, we finally have a release date for Liminal! November 8th in Europe and November 12th in the US. We wish it could have been faster, but unfortunately, labels need their time to prepare releases and November was the absolute earliest they could do. Our apologies for the long wait!

Crowdfunding / label version confusion

There’s been some confusion about a crowdfunding version of Liminal verses a label version. To clear things up: there will only be one version. The customers who pre-ordered the digipak will receive the digipak as is. The customers who ordered the Personalized Unique Edition will receive the digipak packaged in a fancy little box together with their own unique poster, some stickers and a flyer. All orders (digipak / Personalized Unique Edition / PUE plus shirt etc.) will be sent out at the same time: as soon as we receive the digipaks from Season of Mist.

Thanks for the patience and the support!



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