Wide Eyes is by far one of the most prolific bands to come out in recent times. Just to give you an idea, their 2012 debut album spanned a total of 26 songs. And they’ve been delivering significant damage ever since, releasing an additional EP with plenty of tracks on the side. And rumor has it they’re working on their second full-length (possibly beyond full-length) as well. This band is rapidly expanding and evolving. You get the picture.

Just to add to all of that, there’s officially a new project from the band’s guitarist, Chris Vogagis, in the works entitled Exigency. They provide sharp, modern Progressive Metal with additional flair from other stylings and forward thinking. This is truly impressive material. And just to make it better, the three track EP “Dissolution” is available for FREE DOWNLOAD through Bandcamp! Take advantage of this, support the band, and watch out for their debut album!

You can stream through all three tracks right here, right now!

Links: Facebook // Bandcamp