The long standing drummer of Job For A Cowboy, Jon “The Charn” Rice, has officially left the band. Since joining in 2007, it’s pretty clear he has helped pushed JFAC in the right direction, away from their original Deathcore sound. I’m sure this trend will continue without him. Additionally, I’m sure many have noticed how the band moved from chagrin to a position of respect as a result of this. His stellar contributions will be missed but the good news is he’s looking for a new job (ba dum tsk). You can read his official statement and jam some metal below.


As of this past August, I have decided to part ways with Job for a Cowboy. There are a few reasons for this, none of which I’m going to get into.

That being said, I have no intentions of stopping touring or playing. I honestly love to tour and play live with new people, so I look forward to playing in new musical arenas in the future.

The dudes and I are on very good terms with this and they understand the decision. They have a new record in the making and I’m extremely excited to hear it.

Thanks again to everyone.


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