Some of you can easily understand why I’m not a big fan of black metal. I’ve actually never been, and probably will never be interested in that niche of metal music… except in extremely rare cases such as this. In fact I ended up finding Oranssi Pazuzu’s musical proposal very interesting, bringing my ears to an unexpectedly intriguing listening session.

Their attempt to add space rock, avant-grade and post-metal elements with a psychedelic twist to their black metal definitely succeeded in capturing my attention. I truly think you should check this out as well, especially if you’re looking for an original take on this genre. These Finnish psychonauts will release their new album “Valonielu” via Svart Records & 20 Buck Spin on October 11th (15th in North America) but you can already stream it for a limited time on Go give it a listen and enjoy the blackness!


Links: Facebook // Official Website // Album Stream