Not to talk down, but Victory Records seems to be having the hardest time of all the modern metal labels out there. Yes, they’ve helped raise many greats and still retain some high end talent side to side with several subpar money makers… But they just seem to lose ALL of their quality bands in one way or another. Between The Buried And Me, Darkest Hour, Hatebreed, Within The Ruins, and even Streetlight Manifesto just to name a few. And on top of this they’ve even had groups such as A Day To Remember speaking out against and suing them.

Now Pathology seems to be the next band on the loss list. Why you ask? Probably because Pathology wants bigger and better things. Totally understandable. In fact, Pathology plan to launch their very own record label, “owned and operated by members of the band”, sometime next year. There isn’t much info beyond this but the band has set up a teaser website for the upcoming project. The link can be found in the statement below.This is exciting news, especially when you consider how prolific this band is. They’ve literally released seven full-length albums in the past seven years. Should be great to see what comes next, especially considering they’ll be their own masters next time around. Stay tuned for more!
And as usual, we’ve included some heavy music for you to jam \m/
Pathology has announced that they will be starting up their own record label in 2014 called “Pathology Music”.Owned and operated by the members of the band. PM will now release their own music.

More info coming soon!


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