Australia’s 21-year-old musical genius, Plini, is back to pleasantli please us with yet another amazing release entitled “Sweet Nothings”. And believe me, it’s sweet! “Sweet Nothings” is the second part of a trilogy of EPs Plini’s been working on and editing over the past two years. The trilogy is entitled “Other Things” just like it’s first release that this EP follows up.

The very first track, simply titled “Opening”, immediately leads to a dreamland filled with serenity and lightness of an ethereal nature. This music is literally like a therapy or a brain massage if you will. It’s able to make you feel so careless and forget about all of the crap happening around you. Instead, you can simpli enjoy these opening minutes of relaxation and mental levitation. There’s an amazing gem included on this track – the last guitar solo of the song was performed by Piotrek “Gru” Gruszka and my god it is brilliant! “Opening” is probably the most “proggy” track of the EP and it works perfectly as an introduction. It not only gives you an idea of what you’re getting into, it switches off your brain and lets you float into what comes next.

Now that your mind is prepped for travel, it will find something more catchy and uplifting. The second track entitled “Tarred & Feathered” is somewhat reminiscent of the song “Heart” (featured previousli on Plini’s “Other Things”) with it’s amazing use of rhythmic acoustic guitar with soft and memorable sounds and riffs. Towards the end, the orchestral elements will make it one of the most epic instrumental songs you’ll hear in 2013.

Next step is called “Away”. Combining thin and refined guitar patchwork and wisely detailed riffage, both layered with intelligent and amazing synths, Plini has made another unquestionably inspiring song. It packs the same “proggy” approach heard in the first track, but with more of a catchy take on the guitar work which makes it less atmospheric and more ear popping in some ways.

Perfectly balanced musical ideas appear in the final song “Sweet Nothings”, especially in the beginning and in the epic ending. A simple lead brings you to an ending in which guitar gets heavier but sill not aggressive. Between low end riffage and an amazing solo emerges an epic and surprising finale in which the synths play the same riff of the beloved song “Heart” (the previously mentioned opener of “Other Things”). This definiteli finishes things in the best way possible (or maybe even better!). You should also focus on the brilliant piano details, performed in this track by Luke Martin, pushing the whole song to a higher level.

This is a damn near perfect EP, touching and delighting in it’s allure. “Sweet Nothings” is therapy for the mind, body, and soul. You need to listen to this, repeatedly. The world around you will look much better and you will feel much better. It packs memorable guitar work that manages to be progressive and even jazzy without being foolishly complex. Instead it’s amazingly simple and catchy despite  being original and uncanny. There isn’t really much more to say when you’re in front of the best instrumental EP of the year. Amazing.


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