Hey y’all experimental lovers! I’ve got some more weird stuff for you coming straight out of that wicked town called Hollywood. Rejectionary Art is a duo made up of two wired individuals (Paula Stefanini & Lee Wanner) united by the mutual reluctance to pursue a single genre and the desire to continuously expand their musical horizons and borders.

The result is a lovely mindfuck, triggered for the first time in 2012 with their album “Butterfly” (May 2012) and once again this year with the new release “Excoetidae: Flying Fish”, put out this month. This album features pretty much everything: metal, blues, country, jazz, funk, electronic, odd vocal experimentation, and djenty madness.

The whole album can be streamed for free and purchased on Rejectionary Art’s Bandcamp page. So if this sounds like a good time, I suggest you to go give it a listen or two and start following this interesting act right now!

Links: Facebook // Official Website // Bandcamp // iTunes