Attila is currently on the road touring off of their newest album release, “About That Life”, with their tour mates, Upon A Burning Body, IWRESTLEDABEARONCE, The Plot In You, and Fit For a King. I got a chance to catch the seventh show of this thirty date nationwide tour… and this was my experience.

Right from the beginning, it was obvious that this was a sold out show and I didn’t need to see the “Sold Out” sign in the front to determine that. As soon as I walked into the venue, people were body-to-body in just about every place except the slight opening for the pathway to the exit. Within seconds, sweat began to roll down my face from the heat generated from a couple hundred of pumped metal heads engaging in the festivities.

The first band to storm the stage that night was Dallas Texas’s Christian metal band Fit For A King. Personally I had only heard of this band but I never actually took a second to check them out and mannnnnnn now I wish I would have. This band puts on a high energy performance with very clean and precise musical talent. This is no doubt a band that I am going to keep my eye on because I think in the next couple of years they are going to blow up the scene.

Next, The Plot In You handled their business and they were entertaining as hell. The highlight of their performance was the intensity of their front man, Landon Tewers who is indeed a performer of the highest caliber. He expressed his passion by continuously moving all across the stage and by doing so he effortlessly kept the overall intensity of the room at a high level. I had never seen this band live before and I definitely recommend it on the account of just a visually energetic show.

Due to sitting down and chatting with Danny Leal for a exclusive interview and needed to get some fresh air I wasn’t able to catch IWRESTLEDABEARONCE’s performance, but based off of the craziness that I could hear pounding through the venue walls, I have no doubt that they had a elite performance as well.

Next up was the band we were there for. As soon as Upon A Burning Body hit the stage the crowd responded just as any band would want their fans to. Within seconds people were climbing onto the stage and diving on the crowd of screaming fans that were bouncing in synchronization while yelling the song lyrics as passionately as they could. This venue, unlike so many others in Southern California, offers an intimate experience because there are no security guards and no barricades that keep the crowd at a distance from the band. By the end of Upon A Burning Body’s set at least twenty people must have jumped onstage, including a female who rolled onstage, just before the exploding bass of a breakdown, and got tangled in Danny’s microphone completely messing up the rhythm of the song. Danny’s reply was something to the extent of, “Wow you just completely fucked that up…. You better make it up with an epic stage dive as soon as the music kicks in,” Which of course she did.


Upon A Burning Body’s set list was:

1. Showtime

2. Intermission

3. Devil’s Advocate

4. Mimic

5. El Mariachi

6. Desperado

7. Once Upon a Time in Mexico

8. Game Over

9. Texas Blood Money

10. Sin City


Lastly the tour head liner, Attila, performed and if you have ever seen Attila before then you know that their show is always fun. Say what you want about their music, but their performances are a blast and it was very easy to see that Atilla was the band that the majority of the crowd was waiting to see. From middle fingers in the air, to screaming Fronz’s funny and somewhat controversial lyrics the crowd was going nuts. The moisture in the venue from heat was so strong that Fronz was having a difficult time keeping his balance on the metal risers that were on the stage. Attila played a wide variety of songs from multiple albums and when they attempted to end the night with “Callout” the crowd wasn’t ready to go home and by their chanting of “One more song!,” Attila came back to the stage and closed it up with a crowd favorite, “Payback.”


Atilla’s set list was:

1. Middle Fingers Up

2. Hellraiser

3. Rage

4. Sex, Drugs, & Violence

5. Outlawed

6. Break Shit

7. Nasty Mouth

8. Party With the Devil

9. The New Kings

10. About That Life

11. Callout

12. Payback



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