There’s a new musical force emerging from Son Servera, Spain. The Ox deliver music on
another level through a solid, experimental, psychedelic, tasteful Progressive / Post-Metal sound with creativity to boot. They independently released their debut “Obsidian” a few months back. So far there has been a slowly mounting, yet overwhelmingly positive response to the record. And with good reason…

Imagine if Textures, Mastodon, Intronaut, Gojira, and maybe even Deftones made sweet music together. That’s how I would attempt to describe the sound The Ox bring. Except there’s a wild card in the mix, being The Ox themselves. Similarities aside, this band succeeds in bringing a variety of fresh elements into their sound. This is done through differing means from track to track. For example, let your mind take in “Wisdom” or the nine-minute epic “Drifting Out To Sea”.

Several other strong points line the duration of this record. Tracks such as “Ethereal Journey”, “Souls Collide”, the title track, and the closer “All Seeing Eye” come to mind. However, it should be stated that every track on “Obsidian” makes an excellent case for your attention. Intros, interludes, whatever. All the music is very well-conceived.

I listened to this album on and off over the span of a month. One of the best parts of this experience was the familiarity of the music after just a few listens. After taking in another album or two, I could easily return to The Ox and feel a certain nostalgia with the music. Certain riffs could simply worm themselves into my mind in no time.

There really aren’t too many drawbacks while listening to The Ox. Objectively, of course, this album is not meant for everyone. For example, if you have a short attention span, an inexplicable hatred for Progressive / Post-Metal, or just a wicked bad taste in music, look elsewhere. Only the most minor issues blemish this record.

Personally, I hear a great deal of potential in this band. While listening to “Obsidian”, it’s not hard to get the impression that this really is just the beginning for an incredible, upcoming musical unit (probably because that’s the reality of The Ox). As far as debut albums go, this is sublime. The future should be a welcome place as The Ox continues to mature, expand, and evolve in their craft.

To sum things up, this is one that just needs to be heard. Especially if you consider yourself a prog head or an eclectic metalhead, this album should be a priority. This band’s potential is dynamite and it’s more than evident through “Obsidian”. Give a listen to the tracks above. If they strike your fancy, visit Bandcamp or contact the band about obtaining a physical copy!

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