There’s a new beast rising out of Italy. Reformed from the ashes of a previous band, These Oaks Are Demons are a fresh Metalcore / Hardcore act out for blood. With similarities to groups such as August Burns Red among others, they bring a ruthless, heavy sound in their brand of music.

Not too long ago, they put out their first ever music video for a new track entitled “The Crownless Shall Be King Again”. To be more specific, it is a live video utilizing some decent editing along with a great mirror effect. Visuals aside, the song itself gets the job done in a big way. In fact, it shows exponential growth from the bands first single, adding several new elements into the mix. This is an exciting turn for this band.

Tune in below and see if you enjoy. If you do, be sure to give TOAD (haha) a like on Facebook and keep a look out for their debut!



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