And now for something completely different….

I’m betting some of you have heard the name Daniel Tompkins before. Well… if it doesn’t ring any bells, here’s why it should. Mr. Tompkins was the singer for TesseracT’s debut masterpiece “One”. Since then he has left that band to indulge in a number of powerhouse musical projects. First off you have Skyharbor. If you haven’t heard of this band, do yourself a favor and click here. Next up is the incredible easy listening project Absent Hearts (listen here). Third is his new full-time band In Colour, formed alongside ex-SikTh guitarist Dan Weller (listen here). Lastly, there’s Daniel’s mind bending solo project White Moth Black Butterfly which we’re about to look at. And if he’s in any other projects (quite possible), I haven’t heard them yet.

White Moth Black Butterfly is the kind of music you rarely get to experience. Pressing play on any of these songs will submerge you in a world of pure atmosphere, aurally pleasing and conceptually huge. The primary focus is in creating unique, flowing, multi-layered soundscapes for fresh ears to traverse. A total of three tracks have been released so far – “Reluctance”, “Certainty”, and the latest “The World Won’t Sleep”. All of which are quite the musical trip. If this sounds like a good time to you, I highly recommend you sample the tracks below and grab them on Bandcamp!

Links: Facebook // Youtube // Bandcamp