Coming from the UK, Aeolist is a super technical Progressive Metal band bringing creative thinking and off-time insanity. There’s even serious touches of taste and melodic thinking in there. Formed last year, they’ve already managed to make some light ripples throughout the metal underground with their brand of heavy music. They played UK Tech Fest this year, for example (as a shred worthy replacement for Neosis).

The band just dropped their debut, self-titled EP independently (with support from our friends at Monolithic Music and Hold Tight! PR). And a great debut it is. From tracks “I” through “IV” the band provides a memorable aural assault with purpose and direction.

When I listen to Aeolist, the big “P” word comes to mind… Potential. The UK has one of the healthiest, rapidly expanding tech-metal movements in the world. There are a lot of smart, talented kids picking up instruments and making awesome things happen. The flood gates opened years ago, but Aeolist has the talent and creativity to help keep it going. I have a feeling this band is only getting started.

The EP itself begins with the single “I”. This might be the strongest track on “Aeolist”, wasting no time as it punches into your eardrums. It serves as a great introduction, giving a great idea of what to expect. Listen through the full EP stream above. If you dig the track, here’s some great news for you… Aeolist is offering up the six-minute “I” for a “name your price” download through their official Bandcamp page. Get it while you can!

The rest of the EP follows suit in the path carved by “I”, all with their own strengths… and in some cases, weaknesses. “II” took time to grow on me, but I’m glad it has. It brings one of the most off-kiltered, awesome instrumental surprises on the EP alongside it’s fury. “III” is a heartfelt and powerful track drawn into the instrumental introduction of track “IV” – really showing off this bands creative side. Melodic heaviness strikes back before beautiful instrumental music ultimately closes out the experience.

This is a great release but there are a few minor flaws present. First and foremost, it seems as if the band is still trying to nail down their own sound. Most of the time these guys are dead on, but there are small segments in every song where something feels awkward. Though that’s entirely objective. Next up, the vocals are essentially good – but they could be stronger. Practice makes perfect. Other than that, these guys have more or less got it. It was tough rating this one, but in the end “Aeolist” gets an VIII / X (8 out of 10).

I already mentioned the potential here. Expect incredible things from Aeolist as they continue to mature as musicians moving into the future. Missing out on
these guys might be a mistake.

Links: Facebook // Bandcamp