The new, highly-anticipated After The Burial album “Wolves Within” will be released in less than a month. December 17th on Sumerian Records to be more specific. Pre-orders are available here if you want in on the metal.

The band just dropped the second single off the new record entitled “Of Fearful Men” to follow up the ridiculously groovy “A Wolf Amongst Ravens”. The new track harkens back to the shred side of After The Burial which is awesome to hear. There are riffs aplenty and a ripper of a solo to boot. There’s even a small classical section towards the middle. And you better believe there are mosh worthy breakdowns tied in. The drumming is incredible as always. The vocals remind me significantly of the bands stellar live performances. And the bass work is great from what I can hear.

The only issue I initially had was the production quality. But after hearing the non-Youtube version (which was released via iTunes) things cleared up in my ears. This is a solid, headbanger of a track.

After The Burial is back!

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