Here’s a collection of three bands you’d best be keeping an eye on.

There’s a new band on the verge of blowing minds. Coming from the UK, Aeolist is a super technical Progressive Metal band that brings all the shred and off-time insanity one could possibly hope for. There’s even serious touches of taste and melodic thinking in there. Missing out on these guys might be a mistake. Be on the lookout for their debut EP dropping November 14th in association with our friends at Monolithic Music!

Links: Facebook // Bandcamp

Coming from Canada, Tech-Death talents First Fragment are definitely a band to watch out for. This is an incredible musical unit bringing evident purpose and direction. As with most bands in the genre, you should expect extreme heaviness, brutality, and technicality pushed to it’s limits. First Fragment delivers all of this and more. Currently they’re working on their debut full-length and from the sounds of it, it’s going to be a monster. You can sample 2010’s “The Afterthought Ectasy” below.

Links: Facebook // Merch

Coming out of South Florida, Tech Death 5 piece Abiotic have been tearing shit up (especially their bassist) since 2010. However, changes recently took place as they swapped one vocalist for another. Currently, the re-aligned band is working on a follow up to 2012’s blistering “Symbiosis”. Should be heavy \m/ Check the classic “Vermosapien” down below, listen to the new vocalist here, and be on the lookout for much more where that came from!

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