Coming from the UK, Aeolist is a super technical Progressive Metal band bringing creative thinking and off-time insanity. There’s even serious touches of taste and melodic thinking in there. Formed last year, they’ve already managed to make some light ripples throughout the metal underground with their brand of heavy music. They played UK Tech Fest this year, for example (as a shred worthy replacement for Neosis).

The band just dropped their debut, self-titled EP independently (with support from our friends at Monolithic Music and Hold Tight! PR). And a great debut it is. From tracks “I” through “IV” the band provides a memorable aural assault with purpose and direction. (read the rest of the review here).

The entire EP is actually available for the price of your choosing on Bandcamp! Free counts as a price in this case. If you want to grab a physical copy as well, grab it here! This band deserves all the support they can get.

Links: Facebook // Bandcamp // Merch