Don’t hate on me for this, and don’t think I’m a patriot in any way but I must say it: my country, Italy, is developing a really sick modern progressive/tech-metal scene. A lot of interesting acts focused around prog/math/djent music are emerging everywhere across our nation.

Latest but definitely not least, progressive deathcore act Despite Exile is ready to bring the whole scene to an even higher level with the release of their forthcoming debut “Sentience”. The album is due to release November 26th. The video for the first single “Immanence” just hit the world wide web through BeheadingTheTraitor on Youtube. And it’s just massive. Mighty vocals, devastating riffage, and all kinds of greatness included. If you don’t believe me, let
this stuff crush you. Check em out.Download the single FOR FREE right here!


Links: Facebook // Official Website // Merch // Bandcamp