Obsidian Kingdom is the kind of band that proficiently blends a number of genres and great ideas into a noteworthy, cohesive musical package. But if you wanna be a dick about it, they would probably fall under the labels of Post-Metal, Progressive Rock, and Experimental with a capital E. They’ve been at it ever since 2007 (and likely some time before).

Late last year they let loose with their first full-length (third release following two solid EPs). “Mantiis” brings fourteen tracks of insanity through different flavours, some of which you’ve likely never tasted before. So if you’re into the idea of trying something new, this is your lucky day!

Obsidian Kingdom is offering up “Mantiis” along with the EPs “3:11” and “Matter” for a “name your price” download! Listen below and get on it while the offer lasts!

Links: Facebook // Official Website // Bandcamp