There is new a new doom hitting the scene this November with the return of Christian heavy metal artists Impending Doom through their 5th studio album “Death Will Reign.” This album was recorded, produced and mixed by musical genius of Will Putney (Fit For An Autopsy, Thy Art Is Murder, Upon A Burning Body, etc.) at the Machine Shop. If the thought of the penetrating brutality that this record encapsulates does not quite get you all hot and bothered, perhaps Impending Doom’s record label, eOne, can get your testosterone flowing and fuel your anticipation for this monster release by their declaration about the record which states, “Prepare yourselves for one of the heaviest records of 2013!”

The band just released a brand new music video for the track (theme song?), “Doomsday”, in support of this. It is very damn heavy. The video compliments this well. Check it below along with the single / title track, “Death Will Reign”.

Once your neck gets a break from the spine breaking head banging that you just experienced, go HERE to pick up your pre-order bundle for Impending Doom’s new album which is available worldwide on November 5th!

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